Questions Related to Angels

Who Are the Angels? What Do They Look Like?

Angels are one of Allah’s beautiful creatures. They are made of light. Allah created them before us; they got a will, a mind, and wings. They can take the shape of humans after permission from Allah. They neither eat nor drink. They are servants of Allah who follow His commands. They are honored on different levels.

What Are the Names of Angels?

There are many angels and only Allah knows the exact number. Jibreel, Mikael, Israfeel, Rudwan, Malik (peace be upon them) are the ones we know of. There are also the carriers of Allah’s mighty throne, the writers of people’s actions, and others. Jibreel (peace be upon him) is the most noble. He is responsible for delivering the revelation to messengers (peace be upon them). There are Mikaeel, Israfeel, and others. Some Angels are responsible for continuously protecting humans. There are a huge number of angels; each has a specific task.

Why Did Allah Create Angels?

Allah Almighty created angels to do good; they are pure hearted. They never do evil or think of doing it. Angels are in Heaven; however, they descent to Earth to for certain tasks Allah commanded them to do, such as protecting, caring for, and watching us. They also descend to deliver scriptures, attend religious gathering, etc. Children should know that angels have two main tasks: worshipping Allah and taking care of the issues of the universe.

Why Can’t We See the Angels?

Humans do not have the ability to see angels in their original form; therefore, angels transform into the shape of humans so that prophets see and deal with them. Jibreel (peace be upon him), for example transformed into a Bedouin to teach the pillars of Islam.

Who Are the Jinn?

Jinn are one of Allah’s creations. They are made of fire. Allah gave them different abilities we do not have such as flying and transporting objects fast. However, Jinn are commanded to obey orders and avoid whatever is prohibited like us. They die like us. We do not have the ability to see Jinn. Their nature differs from us; we are made of clay while jinn are made of fire.

Who Is Stronger: Angels or Jinn?

Angels are more powerful. Angels do not die until the Day of the blowing of the Horn (for whom Allah wills to die); jinn, however, die earlier. The angel of death takes the souls of jinn upon Allah’s command: “Allah takes the souls at the time of their death.” Furthermore, jinn fear the angels. In the battle of Badr, for example, Satan saw the angels sent by Allah to support the believers, and said to the non-believers: “I am disassociated from you. I see what you do not see; indeed, I fear Allah. And Allah is severe in punishment.

Do Angels Die?

Yes, angels are one of Allah’s creations; everything dies except Allah the Almighty. He is the Ever-Living and the Sustainer of all existence. He says: “Everything will be destroyed except His Face.” Everything on Earth and Heaven will die except things Allah permits to stay alive.

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