Questions on Destiny

What Does Fate and Destiny mean?

Belief in Destiny is one of the pillars of faith in Islam. Allah says: “He has created each thing and determined it with [precise] determination.” -). To believe in Fate and Destiny requires us to believe that Allah knows about evets before they happen, that he wrote them, that he willed them, and that he created them.

How Does Allah Know What Will Happen Before It Happens?

The AnswerBecause Allah is the creator and because His knowledge contains details of us before, during, and after our creation. In addition, Allah is the One who created man, time, and space; therefore, He knows “what was”, “what will be”, and “what shall be before it becomes”.

Possible Scenario:We can explain this with a simple example; a toymaker knows what a toy can do before the toy does anything because he made it and put the fine details. Similar wise, Allah – who is capable of all things – created us; so, Allah is more capable of knowing what will happen.

Are We Destined to do things or do We have a Choice?

This question might be asked by older children. The main answer should lead to what we call guidance and aberrance. We do not know what Allah wrote for us and we are not required to do so. Yet, we are required to believe that Allah’s knowledge is infinite (including fate and destiny). We should be concerned only with our will and how to obey Allah’s orders within our limits.

The Answer We are destined to do certain things and we have the choice in other things. We do not have a choice when or where to be born or die. We do not have a choice to choose our parents or our relatives. However, we are free to pray and believe in Allah. The will in this freedom is within Allah’s will – meaning that if Allah wants to force us to accept or reject something, He will; yet, He chose to give us the freedom; we will be held accountable for our choices; this is what Allah means when He says: “And you do not will except that Allah wills – Lord of the worlds.”

Possible Scenario: instructor brings a glass-cup and asks a child if he or she can throw it on the ground and break it. “Of course, I can.”

“What is preventing you, then?” “It is wrong.”

The instructor then comments: “Allah knows that you will not break this cup because you are a good child. He also knows that a naughty child will break it. So, did anyone prevent you from smashing the cup? Did anyone force the other child to break it? In a similar manner, We have the choice of what to do , but Allah knows what our choice will be.

Why Did Allah Guide Some People and Did not Guide Others?

Note to parents:Allah provided guidance to all people. He says: “And have shown him the two ways. This means that He showed everyone the right path and allowed us to clearly differentiate between truth and falsehood. Then, He gave us the freedom of choice; therefore, some of us choose the right path while others do not.

Why Does Allah Punish Those who Sin When He has Already Written in Eternity That They Will Sin?

This knowledge is divine and we do not know why. All our assumption about the answers are illusions and ignorance. Therefore, humans are only responsible for what they do, and it is not possible for us to know our destiny before we act. Destiny is known only after events happen. So, why do we do good deeds and abandon bad ones? The answer is that we should do good deeds and avoid bad deeds because it is the safe path to Paradise. It is like choosing a road to a town. We avoid dangerous roads and travel on safe ones. We cannot use destiny as an excuse for being bad. Otherwise, criminals will argue that they are destined to do bad deeds. That is why humans must admit and surrender to Allah the Almighty who says “He is not questioned about what He does; yet, they will be questioned.” He is the Creator and He Has authority over Everything.

Why Did Allah Create Us? What is the Origin of the Universe? Why Did Allah Create Animals?

Allah said: “And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me Alone.” Allah created us for a purpose that benefits us which is worshipping Him. The outcome for fulfilling or neglecting this purpose is Paradise or Hellfire, respectively. Allah masterfully created the universe with its skies, land, planets, and stars that are signs of His greatness. He made the sun provide us with warmth to help nurture plants and to kill germs. He made animals available to humans so we can eat them or carry our belongings on them. He said: “And [He created] the horses, mules and donkeys for you to ride and an adornment. And He creates what you do not know.”

Is Allah Going to Punish People who Did not Get Any Messengers?

They will be under trial because Allah gave them intelligence. Allah will test these people and gives them orders on the Day of Resurrection; if they obey Him, they will enter Paradise. If they disobey Him, they will go to Hellfire.

Why Does Evil Exist?

Life is a test; it is like the first chapter of a two-chapter novel. The Hereafter is the second chapter. It is the home of reward, punishment, and vengeance of the oppressed. That is why evil people are not always punished in life. Everyone will rise on the Day of Resurrection and be held accountable for his or her actions. Allah says: “So whoever does an at- om’s weight of good will see it ۝ And whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.”.

Why Did Allah Create Evil People?

Allah created people and gave them the freedom to choose whether to do good or evil. One decides whether to be decent or not and will be responsible for the consequences. This is a blessing from Allah and His infinite wisdom because evil people can be good; it is our duty to help them. Yet, if they refuse and stick to what they do, then it is our duty to prevent them from harming people so that Allah loves and rewards us. Allah the Almighty is the Creator of everything in this life that is a home of test and distress. Allah says: “[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in actions – and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving.. This test includes the presence of evil performed by the devils and human offenders.

Why Did Allah Create Some People With Disabilities or Mutations?

Allah tests people with disorders and diseases. He will generously reward them for their patience and puts them in higher levels in Paradise. Noticing Disabled people reminds us of the blessings of Allah who gave us health. We must thank Allah for this. Noticing disabled people also reminds us of our weakness so that we are humbled and helpful. After Judgement Day, the benevolent will live a healthy eternal life in Paradise – may Allah permit.

Why Are There Rich and Poor People? Why Do Some Evil People Live in Palaces While Some Good People Live in Sheds?

Allah the Almighty provides sustenance. He is the one who tests humans. Sometimes He gives the good person sustenance, to test his generosity. Other times He may prevent sustenance to test patience and endurance against envy. As long as a good person is patient in life, his or her rewards grow bigger. Conversely, a person with many blessings who offends others and does not give charity will be punished on the Day of Resurrection because he or she did not appreciate Allah’s blessing.

Allah created people different so that the rich gives the poor and the strong helps the weak and poor. People have different languages, colors, races, character, and behavior. Everyone is tested in accordance with whatever Allah gave him or her. The rich are tested with money: will they pay their ‘Zakaa’ and give charity? Will they be generous? The poor are tested with their poverty. Are they going to be patient? Are they going to work hard? Are they going to accept bribes. Are they going to steal? Everything is a test; yet, Allah sustenance is for everyone and our financial status will not dictate whether we go to Paradise or Hellfire. Everyone is tested by what is bestowed upon them. If all people were rich, they would not serve each other and would not need each other. Allah says: “That they may make use of one another for service.” This means that we (people) are subjected to each other. That is how the circle of life moves; otherwise, life stops if everyone is the same.

Why Do We Get Sick? Why Do Calamities Happen to People?

Allah tests everyone to see if they endure illness or lose patience? Allah the Almighty will immensely reward the patient believer on the Day of Resurrection. Through illness, calamities, and distress Allah exalts the believers, purify their hearts from arrogance and pride, and loves them more. Also, worshippers get closer to Allah through prayers, patience, faith, and good deeds. They will also learn the blessing of health. We can ask chil- dren: “Why are cars made? For transportation, right? Why do they have brakes? Don’t brakes stop cars from moving? Brakes are necessary for safety. Cars are made to travel and the brakes stop them at the right time to protect drivers from harm. Allah created us to be happy by worshipping Him and appreciating blessings. He also created calamities to remind us of the great task we are made for so that we messing around, ask Him for forgiveness, and be patient as we wait for the reward.

Is Allah the One who Created Animals and Harmful Insects?

Allah is the Creator and the Lord of everything. He created those creatures with His ability and wisdom; He is the All-Knowing and the Wise who knows about them what we do not know. Our knowledge is scanty compared to Allah’s knowledge and wisdom. That is why Allah says: “And you have not been given of knowledge except a little.” We do not know all the reasons for Allah creating these animals. One of these reasons, however, is to illustrate Allah’s intricate creation and masterfulness. Although they are a lot, Allah provides for all. He also tests us through them and rewards those these animals hurt; killing them illustrates courage and empathy towards them illustrate weakness. Moreover, we sometimes get medicine from harmful animals (e.g. snake venom). Some harmful animals also take care of pests that are harmful to us (e.g. snakes eat farm rats that wreck the crops). Many of these harmful animals are food for other useful animals; this forms balance in the circle of life that Allah perfected.

Why Do have to Pray Five Times a Day?

Worshipping Allah purifies and uplifts a believer’s soul. The effort made to perform them is minimal compared to their benefit. Prayers include recitation, remembrance and supplication. In fact, prayers contain all forms of worship; therefore, it is better than separate reciting, remembrance, or supplication.

Believers rejoice at prayers because it brings them closer to Allah Almighty and allows them to ask for everything they wish for; Allah answers our prayers. We pray because Allah ordered us to pray and we love obeying Allah’s orders. We are His worshippers; He is our Creator and Sustainer, and He deserves to be worshipped for His endless blessings. Allah says: “And if you should count the favors of Allah, you could not enumerate them.”. Praying is an expression of our love and gratitude to Allah Almighty and a declaration of our need for Him to guard our health, guide us to what benefits us, and protect us from evil. Allah does not need us to worship Him; He does not need anything from us, and He does not benefit from us. Prayers are commands from Allah who wants us to worship Him in the way that His prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) demonstrated. That is the meaning of the Muslim declaration of faith: we worship Allah Alone according to His messenger’s instructions. Worshipping Allah brings great rewards and it is a reason to enter Paradise. After all, Heaven is Allah’s precious reward that requires hard work (i.e. worshipping Allah and obeying Him).

I Asked Allah in My Prayer to Grow Quickly but He Didn’t Answer Me?

There are ethics for supplication that we should consider. These include respecting the laws Allah put in this world. We pray to Allah and He chooses what is good for us. Your father would not give you permission to ride your bike in the middle of a street because he loves you and knows it might harm you. Allah is generous and he answers our prayers in three ways: He accepts our requests, protects us from a disaster that might happen to us, or rewards us for our prayers on the Day of Resurrection – which in turn gets us closer to paradise.

Why Am I Not Pretty as My Friend?

This is because Allah created everyone unique. All of Allah’s creation is beautiful. Allah says: “We have certainly created man in the best of stature.” – (95:4). Every person is unique in his or her own way; those who were created beautiful must thank Allah more, and those who are not as beautiful must accept the way Allah created them. Those who are thankful and patient shall reach high levels and gain huge rewards.

If Allah Loves Us, Then Why Do Bad Things Happen to Us?

Allah tests us to differentiate between the good and the bad. Allah might test us so that we seek refuge in Him and stay close to Him. Allah tests His beloved with hardship to purify them and raise their ranks so that they become role models for others and learn how to endure distress. This is why the prophet said: “The most severely tested people are the prophets, then those nearest to them, then those nearest to them”; the firmer we are in religion, the more severe is our trial. That is why the prophets were severely tested; they were murdered, hurt, and sometimes tested with severe illness (e.g. Ayoub (Job) (peace be upon him). Our prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) was severely hurt in Mecca and Medina; yet he was patient (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him). The point is that the truly faithful and pious go through hardship in accordance to their piety and faith. So, we must teach children that Allah does what He decrees. We must not ask Him to justify His actions. We know he is the most Just of all in what He does, because He is the Most Just of all.

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