Questions Related to the Hereafter

What Is the Judgment Day?

The judgment day is the day when Allah resurrects all creatures and holds them accountable for their actions. It is also called the Last Day because there is no day after it. After the Judgment day, Allah will grant Paradise for whoever did good and obeyed we are not grateful to anyanere not grateful to angane him in this life; conversely, Allah will punish whoever’s did evil or disobeyed Him. This day is also called the Day of Resurrection because it is the day in which people rise from their graves towards heaven for judgment.

When Is the Day of Resurrection? Why Did Allah Hide that Day from Us?

No one knows the date of the Day of Resurrection. Allah says: “They ask you, [O Muhammad], about the Hour: when is its arrival? ۝ In what [position] are you that you should mention it? ۝ To your Lord is its finality ۝ You are only a warner for those who fear it.” Allah has hidden the date of that day so that we constantly do our best to prepare for it by doing good and avoiding evil. If we knew when that day is, we will only repent right after it and, consequently, life then would be full of evil more than what is present right now.

What Is the Day of Accountability?

The day of accountability is the day when Allah gathers all the people He ever created. Allah says: “Say, [O Muhammad], “Indeed, the former and the later peoples ۝ Are to be gathered together for the appointment of a known Day.” Allah then shows people their actions and holds them accountable; He pays them according to their actions; whoever did good will be rewarded, and whoever did evil will be punished. Allah says: “So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it ۝ And whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.”

What Is Death?

Note to parents:Children six years or younger usually cannot conceive the full meaning of death and resurrection and that death is inevitable. Children between six and eight usually understand the meaning of death and its inevitability. Children between eight and ten usually understand death and resurrection; A child that age can experience a case of death in the family for the first time. We do not know how children feel when they hear about death and grave. Horror might fill their hearts. Therefore, we must explain the meaning of death without lying or sugarcoating (e.g. that someone is travelling ) as soon as we can. Sooner or later, a child will know the truth from others. Prior to the death of a family member, parents should show their child a dead bird, tree, or bug to clarify the concept of death.

The answerDeath is a stage in life where a person moves from this world to another world. All of us will die when we grow up and catch up with those who died before us and live with them in Paradise – may Allah permit. Death is not the end of everything; it is a stage where a believer transfers to a better life and the wrong doer transfers to be punished. Allah loves us even though he takes away our lives. Allah takes our lives so that we may live beside Him in Paradise, a place that we cannot imagine its beauty. When a person dies, his soul remains alive; it ascends to the Creator and people will remember the good actions of a person. That is why one must prepare to meet Allah by doing good deeds and by committing to the teachings of Islam.

What Happen to Children after they Die?

Children do not do evil, and they do not mean it; therefore, all children go to Paradise.

What happens in the Grave after we die?

When our time comes, we go to the grave, the place where dead people go. For those who believe in Allah, obey him and do good deeds, the grave will be a garden from Paradise. A believer will be blessed in the grave until the day of resurrection.

Can a Dead Person Hear and See us? How Does a Dead Person Breathe Under Soil? Does He or She Eat, Drink, and Sleep?

Yes, the dead can hear the greetings (Salam) of people and can hear supplications; however, dead people cannot breathe like us because they do not need to breath. Dead people have a different life with different laws and nature. There is no breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping or working in the grave. A grave is either eternal bliss or eternal punishment.

What Is Paradise and What is in It?

Paradise is the home of peace. It is a beautiful place full of everything you love and wish for. Paradise is the destination of generous people with good deeds. It has eight doors and it is made of levels; believers enter Paradise according to their good deeds and mercy of Allah. Those who have more deeds go to a higher and more beautiful level than those with less deeds. Yet, everyone lives in happiness, pleasure, and bliss. In Paradise, we will live happily ever after. We will never get sick or tired, and we will meet Allah Almighty, the messenger (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him), the prophets (peace be upon them) and everyone we love – may Allah permit. Paradise has everything we love and want – food, drinks, entertainment, and bliss.

What Is Hellfire and Why Did Allah Create It?

Hellfire is the place of punishment. It is a place that Allah made to punish those who do evil, hurt people, disobey Allah, and not follow His orders.

What Happens to Animals after they Die? Will They Go to Paradise or Hellfire?

Animals are not accountable for their deeds since they were not given the choice to live the way they do. On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will gather them and avenge the harmed ones from the wrong doers. For example, a hornless sheep will knock the sheep that knocked it previously. After that, Allah will order them to become dust, so they turn into dust.

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